Al Gore’s Inconvenient Infomercial: A Movie Review

Who is the obese, ageing child boomer waddling through airport after empty airport, wearily tugging along his 2-piece luggage curler? Hey, it’s not Michael Moore (again). Why, for heaven’s sake, it’s none other than a bored, disgruntled Al Gore, Jr. – the Man Who Personally Believes He Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda Been King! Well, at least Saturday Night …

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24 (DVD) Review

First airing in November 2001, 24 speedy installed itself as one of the best television series round and solidified itself as a cult classic icon. Utilizing a singular premise, every season of 24 contains a unmarried day in lives of its characters, with each of the 24 episodes representing a one-hour time phase of that …

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